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Composite an iMac Render into an Incredible Apple Advertisement

imac ad thumb

A little while back, when CG.CreativeFan had just launched, we published a tutorial about modeling, texturing and rendering an iMac in Cinema4D that would be the basis for a product advertisement tutorial in the future.  Well, the wait is over, as here is the promised tutorial.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a 3D render of an iMac, and composite it into a scene.  You’ll then learn how to take a variety of 3D abstract elements, textures and images to create an incredible advertisement.  You’ll learn about composition, color usage and the use of abstract elements in design.

Hi everyone!  First of all, thanks for reading this tutorial and I hope you can learn something, not only how to create an artwork like this, but also to use in other artworks. During this tutorial I will explain some tips and effects that I think fit very well with any style. =)  You will learn how to create a high quality fictitious advertising with some cool effects and many details!  I think it’s an easy tutorial, but you need some understanding of composition, color and of course, good taste! So, let’s start!

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