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Foursquare – Be There or Be Square

four square

Why is Foursquare beneficial for your business?

Many of us are confused about the benefits of Foursquare, because we are not aware of how its value is measured. However, when you want to gain insight on customer loyalty and customer service, foursquare is a great tool to monitor your company’s brand identity and consumer behavior.

The customer insight from Foursquare can help you determine the behaviors of the consumers by their visiting trends.  Also you can view the customer comments to see what is being said about your brand. This is crucial because friends share with their friends, and word-of-mouth drives business. As you review the comments of the consumers, you can receive valuable feedback about your business, and then you can use this feedback to interact with your consumers. Before you interact, you must listen to what they are saying, so you can talk to their needs and build a relationship. In this relationship, the business will be providing its consumer with value, or a reason to keep in touch through Foursquare.

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