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When Designers And Developers Work Together


Even in today’s fluctuating job market, one rule that still remains constant and true is to always play to your strengths. Part of this comes from having a complete and firm grasp of your own capabilities and limitations, while part of it also comes from knowing the same about those you are working with. However, as we grow in our abilities we may begin entering a comfort zone wherein wearing every hat and attempting to take on the entire task by ourselves becomes more of a viable reality. And one that we may decide to run with.

Not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, but there are benefits to come from specialising and allowing certain elements to be handled by others who have specialised in those areas. This dynamic is easily demonstrated with a look at the Designer and Developer. Two areas that go hand in hand, and that can be handled either as a solo effort or by pairing up with another and each taking charge of your individual roles. So if you do decide that it is in the best interests of the project to work with another in this area, then there are a few things to bare in mind so that the working relationship goes as smoothly as possible.

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