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Google’s Hot Spot

google hot spot“Google is rolling out a new advertising and marketing platform for local businesses, and this time, it’s all starting in Portland.

You may recall that earlier this month, Google launched a social, Yelp-like service for consumers. Dubbed Hotpot, the service was based on data from Google Places, but it brought an entirely new, user-friendly interface and recommendation engine.

At the time, we noted that Google had beat Facebook to the punch in launching location-based recommendations; we wondered which company would be most aggressive on places-based marketing.

While Google has already dipped its toes into location ads within Google Maps and Search (and with special programs like Boost, its Hotpot marketing scheme is something entirely new.”

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What You Need to Know About the #NewTwitter


“Well yesterday was a big day on Twitter, wasn’t it? I don’t know about you but I was glued to the live stream of the not-so top secret Twitter press conference at exactly 3:30 pm and watched closely for an hour and a half while @Ev and @Biz told us all about the new “bigger and better”  The founders outlined many of the recent achievements they have seen with the growth of their community and announced the release of a brand new interface for, which will be rolling out to all users over the new few weeks (it’s important to note that currently only 1% of users have access to the redesign, that decision was not so well received.)

The new  interface has a renewed focus on the user experience with in stream multi-media expansions, more search capabilities, and an all around sexier more fluid feeling. I went crazy yesterday playing with the new interface and wanted to share way too many screenshots and my thoughts on the new layout. I am excited to hear what you guys think all of these changes mean, so let’s do this, shall we? What are the big changes to our beloved”

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This excerpt was written by Joanna Lord (SEOmoz Staff).


adobe“If you own a business that sell a product or a service it is extremely important to advertise. Without advertising, nobody will know about your product. Now this concept is very simple and you probably already know this. However most businesses design an ad banner quickly, and  jump right into advertising. This is wrong on many levels.

First you need to find your target  market. Then once you found your designated market you will now need to find your niche market.

Example: I want to advertise about my new to-do list iPhone App.

Target Market: I can advertise on sites like feedmyapp, this will expose my app to visitor that are interested generally in apps.

This is a good judgement, but it would be better to advertise to users only interested in iPhone apps

Niche Market: I can advertise on sites like iphone.appstorm, this will expose my app to visitors who are only interested generally in iPhone apps.

From these two examples you can see that advertising on iphone.appstorm is a better choice that feedmyapp.

Now that you understand the process, you have to focus on designing an elegant banner. Advertising banners should look beautiful, and make the user interested. Now the process is pretty simple. Before you start answer the following questions.

1.What is my Product/service?

2.What does it do?

3.How much does it cost?

These answers will enable you to focus on the most important parts of the product/service.

We hope that that you learned something from this article. Now we present to you some inspiring banners from the design community. These ads are getting free exposure, but you know what they totally deserve it.”

Written by Igor Ovsyannykov; Article found @InspirationFeed.

Ad of the Weekend


This pretty much speaks for itself.

Upload your butt to Crispin’s ‘Booty Reader’


“I’m told women are quite particular about jeans, especially when it comes to how the cut flatters their figures (or doesn’t). This appears to be the insight behind Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s latest work for Old Navy, a Web application bluntly called Booty Reader. The site features fortune-teller Madame Eva imploring ladies to upload shots of their backyards either via Web cam or photo, with assurances that “photos of your booty won’t be shared, dear.” Then the backside-recognition technology comes into play. After an apparent examination by Madame Eva, the Booty Reader process ends with suggested styles of Old Navy jeans that apparently work for the derrière in question. Crispin is certainly fond of buttocks. Recall it channeled noted ass aficionado Sir Mix-a-Lot to rap for Burger King. Now, before everyone claims this kind of thing is because CP+B’s creative ranks are a sausage fest, it deserves mention that Tiffany Rolfe served as GCD, with Katy Graham and Meghan DeRoma as ACDs on the Booty Reader campaign. We’re guessing there wasn’t quite so much female leadership when American Apparel did its “upload your butt” campaign.”

Article written and published @ AdFreak.

Ad of the Week: DirecTV “Opulence”

Brand: DirecTV
Agency: Grey Worldwide
Review Date: July 29, 2010

“If a man is so rich that he has gold busts made in his image, and he chooses DirecTV, the satellite service must be the best? Right? Right? Well that’s not the point of this commercial, which is a good thing, because the tacky star of the spot isn’t the most sympathetic character. The commercial touts DirecTV as a value with its five-month free premium package. “Opulence, I has it,” says a Russian gansta type as he munches on gold-covered grapes and is trailed by gold- and fur-wearing arm candy. Surrounded by bodyguards and beautiful women, he tells us, “I like the best, but I also like savings the money,” n his accented, mangled English. As he makes his way through the ostentatious house, we see he has quite eclectic tastes. Instead of a velvet painting of dogs playing poker, he has real-life pooches playing, a Van Gogh sitting on the floor and a tray made of gold ingots to hold his remote. He sits on the sofa, as a woman passes him the remote and explains the offer. “I jump in it,” he says and turns to give a pint-sized giraffe propped on a pillow next to him a kiss, which sends him into a knee-slapping maniacal laugh. And as cheesy as it is, I can’t help but join him. The giraffe and the laugh get me every time. –Eleftheria Parpis”

Article written by: Adweek.

Latest Old Spice Parody Gets an A+

This week, the Internets have mostly been talking about Old Spice’s awesome advertising campaign. Actor Isaiah Mustafa’s take on the man that men want to be, women want to be with has had just about everyone trying their hands at it. From amateur bodybuilders, to overweight “comedians“, to tattooed “comedians”. Most of them just don’t get it.

The Harold B. Lee Library, part of the Brigham Young University in Utah, however, does. It’s cribbed the Old Spice from head to toe, for a campaign but it succeeds where others fail because it doesn’t deviate from the script. At all. (Obviously it’s written its own, B. Lee-friendly script, otherwise, where would we be? On an old donkey, I guess.)

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