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baitWithout designers there probably wouldn’t be an Internet, or at least there wouldn’t be an Internet that looked this good. Many skilled hands go into creating the websites that we know and love, but designers are usually the ones held responsible for how it looks. They put together everything from flashy logos to image banners to drop downs and font choice.

TwitterTwitter’s Fail Whale or FacebookFacebook’s distinctive blue and white color scheme both came from designers, but someone needed to find and hire those designers in the first place.

Getting a job is usually a daunting experience regardless of the field. It can be all the more intimidating for creative types that must submit their portfolios for critique. To help, we spoke with three seasoned designers that have gone through the job process with great success. They helped us with resume tips, cover letter advice, and whether to actually print out that portfolio. Read on for their tips and a selection of current job openings for designers.

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