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“I have really been on a minimalistic kick lately. As you may already know, I designed the first two sites in this roundup and I made an attempt to keep them as simple as possible. I found that “simple design” doesn’t always translate into “easier to make”. Oftentimes I think the simpler a design is, the harder it is to make and the more thought that must be put into making it work well. Here are some other sites I found that also have great minimal designs. Some emphasize typography, others emphasize photos and still others emphasize space and colors.  What’s your favorite? Chime in and let us know!

Psst! Have you heard about our new design news site called Design News Source? It’s got all the best design content all in one place, kind of like your own personal preview channel for the wired design world so you can save time and read better. Nice.”

Read the full article @FREELANCEREVIEW.


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