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Toy Pitches are Half-Baked?

With boys more interested in cooking than ever, why do toy brands still market almost exclusively to girls?

In a recent Thursday afternoon in Brooklyn, six elementary schoolchildren assembled for their Junior Tastemakers class at Creative Cooks, which offers cooking classes for kids from 2-years-old through the 8th grade. In the bright storefront space, a 6-year-old with tousled blond hair named Henry cut a clove of elephant garlic with a large plastic serrated knife. Beside him a brown-haired boy, Alex, also 6, cut a green pepper.

Go visit Adweek for the full story.

Featured Artist: Hertzz

Hertzz is a web element designer leading the way for top quality worthy elements like no other.  As of late web elements have become very trendy, and Hertzz has been able to still sell over a thousand  on the market place where he stands out immediately.

A little bit about Hertzz:

  • Current Residence: Czech Republic
  • Favourite movie: Seven
  • Favourite band or musician: Krip a Krip, Pendulum
  • Favourite genre of music: Rap, Drum & Bass
  • Favourite poet or writer: Tom Robbins
  • Operating System: XP
  • MP3 player of choice: Nokia 5530
  • Favourite gaming platform: PC
  • Favourite cartoon character: Bender

His work is available on the Envato Marketplace.